Edinburgh landlord furnishes flats with reused EFI furniture

About 3 times a week, Mrs Forsyth (not her real name) walks into the EFI Sighthill store and occasionally our Canonmills store, sometimes for a bit of a browse but usually to buy something.

Not many people need to buy furniture on an almost daily basis, but Mrs F is a landlord and likes to keep tenants happy by maintaining her many properties in ship-shape condition.

We’re very grateful to Mrs F as her flats are furnished almost exclusively with furniture from EFI.

It helps that she’s also a very nice person and enjoys a chat.

“Well, it’s (EFI) good value for money for one thing, and for letting it’s ideal as I can buy the older furniture, which for me lasts longer than the modern stuff.”

“I like the fact that it’s for a good cause too”.

Last week, Mrs Forsyth invited us into one of her flats in central Edinburgh to show us what she’d done with some of her recent EFI purchases.

Take a look at some of the photos on this page, we’re impressed.

We think most people would agree that the flat looks fantastic and we think its proof that used furniture can make any property look great, and it won’t cost you the earth…but it might just save it.

Why not take a look at some of the furniture, appliances and home-ware we have in stock right now by visiting our online showroom?

Or, like Mrs Forsyth, just pop into our stores at:

EFI Canonmills, 67 Logie Green Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4HF. Tel: 0131 557 7900

EFI Sighthill, 5 Bankhead Medway, Edinburgh, EH11 4BY. Tel: 0131 450 3900.

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