Do you take your bed for granted?

In today’s hectic world it’s easy to take things for granted as we rush around from work, to social events and home.
Many people in Edinburgh would love to be as lucky as you are; to be able to have a job, and a home to go to afterwards
where they feel comfortable and safe.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to have to move from place to place, sometimes sleeping rough out in
the wet and not even being able to afford a cup of tea to warm you up. People become homeless for a wide range of
reasons; a great many of which are not their fault.

We have been providing services for vulnerable people in Edinburgh for over 40 years working across the age groups
and our work is varied. The 4 key areas in which we work are:

• Accommodation and Support -2 Hostels and 18 Training flats for young people.
• Enterprise and Sustainability- 2 EFI (Edinburgh Furniture Initiative)- Used Furniture Stores
• Advice and Advocacy- Visiting Support Service and Advice services in the Community. Court and prison work.
• Learning and Employability. Delivering SQA accredited courses to unemployed people. Providing placements
in our 2 EFI stores and Volunteering opportunities.

Four Square’s aim is to give homeless people hope; the opportunity to stay somewhere safe, providing a safe haven
for forty 16-25 year olds every day/night of the year in the hostels and training flats.
We give them the skills to learn how to fend for themselves, the chance to learn new skills and get back into work
and the opportunity to be just like you.

You can help by volunteering, donating directly to the charity or donating furniture which we can uplift free of charge.
All donations are sold within the store. The income this generates is used to fund our many services.

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