Care Inspectorate Inspections and Grades

Four Square, Follow Up tenancy support service had an unannounced inspection on the 18/09/15.
The inspection was carried out over several days measuring the quality of the categories belo
Quality of care and support 5 Very Good
Quality of staffing 5 Very Good
Quality of management and leadership 5 Very Good
“We respond to service users’ care and support needs using
person- centred values.”
This specific statement gained a grade of 6 – excellent.
We ensure that everyone working in the service has an ethos of respect towards service users and each other.”
This specific statement gained a grade 6 – excellent.
Quality Theme 4: Quality of Management and
“To encourage good quality care, we promote leadership values
throughout the workforce.”
This specific statement gained a grade 6 – excellent
In view of the pilot period and the uncertainty of how support was going to take shape, staff have continued to show their dedication in working with clients and partners in establishing the best outcomes for clients.
This is reflected in the full Care Inspectorate report and input from both professional bodies, clients and relevant others.

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